Former Group Members

  • Daniel Cooper, Development of radioluminescent nanoparticles for medical applications, Postdoctoral Researcher, (2020)

  • Madeleine Tesson, Biodistribution of Nanoparticles in Poecilia Redticulata after Environmental Exposure, Undergraduate Student, (2020)

  • Jianfeng Tang, Synthesis of nano-crystalline materials for multi-function applications, Visiting Associate Professor, (2019)

  • Paola Andrea Rojas Gutiérrez, NIR-light of Photoswitching in Supported Lipid Bilayer Using Ln-UCNPs for Drug Delivery Applications, Ph.D. Student, (2019)

  • Deming Liu, Upconverting Nanocrystal Engineering for NIR Triggered Optogenetic ToolsPostdoctoral Researcher, (2018)

  • Devesh Bekah, Nanoparticle Enhanced Radiotherapy/ PDT for Cancer TreatmentsPh. D., (2018)

  • Nicoleta Bogdan, Ligand Free Nanoparticles- Understanding the Lanthanide-Ligand Bonding, Postdoctoral Researcher, (2016)

  • Diana Consuelo Rodríguez Burbano, Development of CaS:Eu2+/Dy3+Persistent and NIR Photo-Stimulated Nanophosphors, Ph. D. Colciencias Ph. D. Scholarship Recipient, (2017)

  • Suraj Mal, Conjugation of Lanthanide Complexes to UCNP, Postdoctoral Researcher, (2017)

  • Qiang Ying Li, Functional Upconverting Nanoparticles as Bimodal Imaging Contrast Agent, M. Sc., (2015)

  • Qing (Jessica) Yu, Upconverting nanoparticles in Photo-dynamic Therapy Applications, M. Sc., (2014)

  • Emma Martín Rodríguez, Intracellular Imaging and Nanothermometry, Postdoctoral Researcher, Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow, (2013)

  • Biaofei Zhang, Photoswitching and Drug Release Using UNCPs, M. Sc. FQNRT Master Scholarship Recipient, (2013)

  • Rafik Naccache, Synthesis and Spectroscopy of Water-Dispersible Upconverting Nanoparticles for Applications in Biology, Ph. D. Alexander Graham Bell Scholarship Recipient, (2012)

  • Francesca Mangiarini, Synthesis, Characterization, and Optical Spectroscopy of Nanostructured Materials Prepared by Flame Spray Pyrolysis, Ph. D., (2011)

  • Fiorenzo Vetrone, Novel Luminescent Upconversion Nanoparticles for Future Applications in Cell Imaging and Diagnostic Medicine, Post-doctoral fellow, (2010)

  • Venkataramanan Mahalingam, Synthesis and Spectroscopy of Novel Luminescent Nanoparticles, Post-doctoral fellow, (2009)

  • Elham Ghobadi, Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Germanium Oxide/ Lead Germanate Glasses, Ph. D., (2008)

  • Chris Boyer, Synthesis and Spectroscopy of Upconverting Lanthanide-Doped Nanocrystals, Ph. D., (2006)

  • Sean Hughes, A Theoretical Investigation of the Microsolvation of Multivalent Ions in Clusters, Ph. D., (2006)

  • Rafik Naccache, Cross Relaxation and Energy Transfer Processes in Praseodynium Doped Gadolinium Gallium Garnet Bulk and Nanocrystals Systems, M. Sc., (2006)

  • Fiorenzo Vetrone, Luminescence Spectroscopy of Er3+ Doped Inorganic Nanocrystals - an Investigation into Their Upconversion Properties, Ph. D., (2005)

  • Gisella Gesuale, A Sustainable Approach to Waste Management: Optimizing a Process to Extract Keratin from Human Hair, M. Sc., (2003)

  • Andrea A. Romeo, Copper Catalysis of Human Hemoglobin Cysβ93 S-Nitrosation and Heme Nitrosylation by S-Nitrosoglutathione, Ph. D., (2003)

  • Tania D'Alesio, Optical Properties and Energy Transfer between C3i and C2 Sites of Eu3+ Ions in Y2O3 Nanocrystal and Bulk Systems, M. Sc., (2001)

  • Carmela Mancuso, Energy Transfer and Waveguide Studies of Eu3+ and Tb3+ Doped 2SiO2-TiO2 Glass Prepared Via the Sol-Gel Route, M. Sc., (2001)

  • Sarah Anderson, Second-Harmonic Generation as a Probe of Chemically Modified Si(III) Surfaces and the Initial Oxidation of Hydrogen Terminated Si(III), M. Sc., (2000)

  • Tania Peres, Applications of a Three-Body Potential Model and Crystal Field Calculations to the Simulation of Eu3+, Er3+ and Yb3+Environments in PbO.SiO2 Glass, Ph. D., (1999)

  • Elizabeth Sourial, Molecular Dynamics Simulation: An Investigation into the Short Range Structure of Metaphosphate Glasses, M. Sc., (1998)

  • Pierre Kabro, Optical Spectroscopy, Crystal Field Analysis, Upconversion and Energy Transfer Studies of Er3+-Doped Yttrium Vanadate Single Crystals, Ph. D., (1997)

  • Guy Cormier, Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Crystal-Field Theory: Predicting the Optical Spectra and Structure of Rare-Earth Doped Inorganic Glasses, Ph. D., (1993)

  • Antoni Peters, Fourier Transform and Diode Laser Infrared Spectra of Cyanoacetylene Bending Modes, Ph. D., (1992)

  • Pierre-Paul Proulx, L'influence Des Ions Modifiants Pr2+, Ba2+ Et Zn2+Sur La Liaison Europium-Oxygène Dans Des Verres De Metaphosphate: Etude Par Spectroscopie Laser, Raman Basse-Frequence Et Analyse Du Champ Cristallin, Ph. D., (1992)

  • Nick Raspa, Optical Spectroscopy, Crystal Field Analysis and Upconversion Studies of Pr3+ in Gadolinium Gallium Garnet (Gd3Ga5O12), Ph. D., (1992)

  • Nick Raspa, Synthesis and Spectroscopic Studies of Cr3+ Doped Glasses and Transparent Glass Ceramics of the Magnesium Alumino Silicate System, M. Sc., (1990)


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