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Left to right: Tarek Sabri, Gabriella Tessitore, Paola Rojas, Maddie Tesson, Gabi Mandl, Steven Maurizio, Etienne Maes, Mannu Kaur, Gaurav Srivastava, Daniel Cooper.

Graduate studies

If you wish to pursue graduate studies with our group, please contact us.

Our Work

Our research involves the synthesis, spectroscopy and applications of lanthanide-doped nanoparticles.

We specialize in:

  • Different synthesis techniques of lanthanide-doped nanomaterials

  • Characterization by PXRD, DLS and TEM/SEM

  • Spectroscopic analyses of upconverting and radioluminescent nanoparticles

  • Biomedical applications

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Recent Publications


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IC3TC 2019

Professor Capobianco, Dr. Gabriella Tessitore and Steven Maurizio presenting at the 3rd IC3TC